Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My actual First Post.

I wouldn't call myself a fashionista . I believe clothing and style has a voice of it's own. It's the eyes that stare when you walk into the building . It's the hisses of construction workers even when you're fully covered . It's the questions about who what where when why and how did you get those clothes . Why do you look so fab. Quite honestly I just like to look good . Style is an outer expression of self if used in the right fashion (pun intended ). Style is not the label but how we'll you know yourself and your body to make the clothing stick to you as though it's your own skin . Some try too hard . Others don't try hard enough . Unfortunately in the legal profession , you see a lot of the same black dull ankle length skirts which represents how elitist and conservative the profession is . I think fashion and style is something that is engrained in African culture and I've gained a love for it over the years . Now I must put it out there , I am not a self proclaimed fashionista . I am simply a young woman who enjoys dressing up and looking good . Not only because it makes me feel good inside but it also makes others feel good . People are most happy when they give or receive compliments . When you look good and someone else goes out their way to tell you . You have just add your day and theirs ! 

One of the subjects my blog will be covering is style . I prefer the term style over fashion because fashion always seems to have an elitist undertone . Growing up there were many folks who had style and were stylish . But no one ever used the term fashion or fashionable because it implied that you must spend a lot of money , buy expensive clothes , and wear what is "in". But what is "in" started from one persons style and spread like wildfire . But even within that one style , there are variations . And this shows the uniqueness and diversity within human beings . The fact that 12 happy woman (pun intended ) can wear the same articles of clothing and look completely different but stylish in one breath ! 

Which brings me to another point , I am currently a law and business student . One of my interest is international business and economic development in West Africa. One of West Africa's booming industries is fashion ! (Style!) Growing up in Nigerian household , everything was about presentment . How you present yourself to the world . No matter how little you have , you should always carry yourself with dignity so people respect you and your family name . I think that's why Nigerians love to dress up so much !! African style and fabric is so diverse and beautiful , it has been emerging into mainstream fashion and I love it . But part of this comes with keeping the identity and culture behind the clothing and making sure Africans are not being exploited . So that's where the lawyers and the businesswoman like me come in ! Protecting people's ideas and building markets for people's ideas to flourish ! 

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