Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Reflections

My reflections of 2013 that I hope to carry out in the new year . We are human beings , prone to mistake . But it is important for us to reflect and evaluate our lives and continue to feed our soul so we continue to better ourself .

1. Everything in life is about perspective . Instead of trying to chAnge people or alter situations that are unchangeable. Approach each situation with a different perspective . Try to find the positive in everything around you .

2. The energy you put in something is what you are given back .

3. Question everything . Question your beliefs and values because when you question things you research and gain a better understanding which in turn strengthens your values .

4.Keep positive people with goals around you . Evaluate your surroundings and ask yourself if it's a reflection of what you are or what you want to become .

5. It's okay to get lost . But don't be so lost that you haven't even begun to write down some type of long term or short term plan or goal . Because you plan things does not mean you must follow through but it does help you create concrete things when all else does not follow through .

6. Always be grateful and thankful . Even in failure and hardship . Everything can always be worse and you are not always guaranteed another breath of air .

7. Check in on old friends and family members once in a while . It makes them happy to know even in your business life people still care and puts you in positive mood .

8. Don't go into things always expecting praise or an immediate reward. Sometimes we get so caught up in instant gratification that we miss out on the reward when it's right in front of us .

9. Relax . Overworking yourself with no breaks is unhealthy and a sad way to 
live life . But also know when it's time to be serious and time to have fun . Life requires balance . 

10. You must first love and take care of yourself before trying to love and take care of others . You must first love yourself before you are secure enough to open up so someone else can love you .

11.Don't rest your happiness in anyone else except God and yourself . External things can add to your happiness but they should not be able to break the core of your happiness that lives within .

12. Reflect reflect evaluate implement . Always set out time to medicate and reflect on your life and where you are . Check yourself before you try to check others and where they are at in life .

13. If you are not where you want to be in life . Determine whether it's because you are partaking in a step that is required to elevate to the next level. Or whether it is simply your complacency and comfort in not moving forward . There's a difference .

14. Don't just be busy for the sake of being busy . Make a significance in the lives around you . Transcend the love of God to others through your work .

15. Speak up ! There is value in silence but there is also value in voicing your opinions and making sure those around you know how you feel And what you are about so they in turn are more cautious when approaching you .

16. Forgive and let go . Let go . Let go . Let go . Easy to dwell on things than get over things .

17. Never think your best isn't good enough . Again learn your strengths and how to use them to navigate through life . There is never one way through and there is never one standard . You will what you want .

18. People will talk about you whether you're doing good or bad . Don't get so caught up in the "haters " that you forget all the other people who are admiring and looking up to you .

19. Prayer is not necessarily to demand things from God but rather to help gain patience and understanding so you are ready for Gods blessings . God always knows what you want and feel. Don't underestimate when you aren't getting what you "want" sometimes it's not what you need or it's not time for it yet .

20. Be happy !

21. You can never please everyone . Focus firstly on garnering respect then those who want to will also like you . But respect > like .

22. Find frugal ways to travel and explore the world around you .

23. Nobody is 100% evil . You can find goodness in everyone . Focus on finding that rather than condemning people . Everyone has their cross to bear. The world is a safer place when we trust and love one another . Than filling the earth with unwarranted and empty fear .

24. Things change and you grow out of people . But everyone is brought into your life to teach you a lesson . Take that lesson and apply it to the new people you meet . Some people just want to be connected . Don't feel obligated to keep dead weight around . Your health is most important .

25. We live in a generation of social media . Our every move is being documented but always remember people only put out what they want you to know . Try to maintain a level
Of privacy .

26. Be cautious of prematurely announcing every little accomplishment publicity . That's what friends and family are for . When you are truly accomplished and respected people will notice and let you know .

27. Practice humility but never sell yourself short. You are your own personal advocate and it's important that you exude confidence in all that you do and among everyone you meet . But he humble and wise enough to understand you can never know everything and you must be open to learn from others if you want to grow .

Happy New Year !