Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Malcolm X on Women Rights

As Malcolm X travelled the world and witnesses the way women were treated. His privilege, his blinders began to disappear. He began to recognize how what he said and did aided the oppression of women, particularly black woman. Had Malcolm X lived longer, I believe his view on women would have continued to evolve. Here are some of his last remarks.

" In every country you go to, usually the degree of progress can never be separated from the woman. If you’re in a country that’s progressive, the woman is progressive. If you’re in a country that reflects the consciousness toward the importance of education, it’s because the woman is aware of the importance of education.

"But in every backward country you’ll find the women are backward, and in every country where education is not stressed it’s because the women don’t have education. So one of the things I became thoroughly convinced of in my recent travels is the importance of giving freedom to the women, giving her education, and giving her the incentive to get out there and put the same spirit and understanding in her children. And I am frankly proud of the contributions that our women have made in the struggle for freedom and I’m one person who’s for giving them all the leeway possible because they’ve made a greater contribution than many of us men."

Saturday, July 26, 2014

And so She Loved Herself.

And so she loved herself.
So wonderfully and beautifully made.
Every piece of her served a purpose.
But the greatest gift of all was her voice.
Her voice with all its vibrations ringing through the earth.
The carbon of dioxide . Her voice gave them life.
The roots could finally spring.
She knew she had a purpose.
She knows she has a purpose.
The power of the tongue. Vested in her.
And so she loved herself.
So purposefully and intricately made.

The Best You

There is some kind of a sweet innocence in being human- in not having to be just happy or just sad- in the nature of being able to be both broken and whole, at the same time.- Joy Bell 

The killing of one's soul begins at the beginning of comparisons with others . Part of having faith and walking with your faith is to recognize that each individual has a purpose and gift in life. One persons gift may be different from another's gift but sometimes we spend so much idolizing others from the outside that we never internally explore our speciality . Society breeds competition. Who wore it best . Who's won first . Who discovered it first . The fact is someone else's success or joy does not take away from yours . There is a lot of peace ,to be found in this concept . We fear what someone else might be capable of but don't recognize our own talent and how beneficial it is to society .

I am a firm believer in being the best you . Society like to box us in categories or rank us by numbers but we are far more than that . We have weaknesses and strengths but that only makes us human . A weakness is just that , a weakness. Sometimes we don't necessarily need to waste time bettering our weakness but rather accepting it as part of us. Having a flaw is not negative it's just that a flaw. The only time a weakness can bad is when it negatively impacts your growth and your ability to do better. 

I know I can't draw. I've never been very artistic with my hands but I am not going to beat myself up with it. But I do have a creative mind and I do know how to convey my ideas so that someone who does have the skill set I'm lacking can create . Knowing your strengths is more important than dwelling I'm your weaknesses or flaws . 

We are perfect the way we are , we are equipped with everything . Whether we've unlocked or unpacked the equipment is another thing. But always remind yourself how great you are . Be wise enough to know you are not better than anyone but that you are different and have something to offer.

This mindset is a life skill. A survival skill.  

The Idea of An Ambitious Woman

He is so conflicted in this world.
As a boy they said be a man.
As a man they said he was a boy.
He hears voices in his head.
He wants to break free from his chains.
He wants to adapt .
He wants to feel loved.
He is accomplished and he is in love with her mind.
Never before had someone stimulated to the point of paralysis.
He was paralyzed.
Everyday he prayed asking for a great woman.
Everyday he kneeled down asking for a spiritual woman.
He wanted to be challenged .
He wanted to grow.
He saw that in her. He saw an opportunity to do better.
Everything he asked for he got and yet he was still afraid.
No one ever taught him to adapt.
No one ever taught him how to feel loved.
No one ever taught him how to love.
All he had been told as a boy was to be a man.
Now as a man he is being told he is a boy.
How could he want something so bad.
How could he need something so bad.
And yet run away from it.
They didn’t tell him it would be hard
They didn’t tell him it would be a journey.
They didn’t tell him that in order to grow, You have to break the chains.
They didn’t tell him that adaptation requires mental strength
They only taught him to fight with his fists.
They only taught him to fight in his silence.
He didn’t know the rage he had.
He didn’t realize how little he knew about his world.
He didn’t realize the bubble he remained in.
He didn’t know the real meaning of challenge and growth.
In theory it is what he wanted.
But he was never really ready.
He was never really satisfied.
All he thought about was self preservation.
Her greatness made him shrink.
For so long the world told him he was great.
They told him he was the leader.
And yet her intellect stung him. It hurt him.
The way she moved with grace.
The way she questioned everything and yet remained sane.
The way she lived in peace.
How could she be so much in one.
But isn’t it what he wanted? So he thought.
In love with the idea of an ambitious woman.
So he ran away. Back to his thoughts. Back to his world. 
Where happiness was limited and growth stunted.