Wednesday, September 10, 2014

If not me.

I speak. They shut me.
I walk . They block my path.
I sprint. They trip me.
I try. I try . I try
Draining my tears down the pipe.
Drowning in this water of opposition.
I once knew how to swim.
I once knew how to float.
But sometimes just being under water is relief.
Away from the shores.
Away from the edge.
Im afraid I will be cut.
Im afraid it too sharp.
The current to powerful.
But if I give up so will she.
But if I give up so will he.
I close my eyes.
I try to trace back .
Back to the time where I learned how to stroke.
Left arm. Right arm. Left Foot. Right Foot.
Synchronized. I gain the momentum.
I gain the strength. My mind recharged.
I speak. And I keep speaking
I walk. And I keep walking.
I sprint. And I keep sprinting.
I can and I will.

Because if not me. Who?

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