Wednesday, September 10, 2014

She lost in spirit.

What he gained in wisdom I lost in spirit.
Where he found strength in my words.
I found weakness in his actions.
She never understood the inside of his book.
So full of pages
So empty of words.
Incomprehensible scribbles
She couldn’t make it out.
She too was empty of words.
Loss of words.
Perhaps he had another book.
A book full of words and vivid pictures.
Shed never know.
She could never tell.
So one day she found a pen and she wrote in his book.
She kept writing in his book.
Shed hope he read it.
She left it under his bed.
The next day . He was gone.
But he left his book. With her pages ripped out.
The words were gone. Her voice gone. Her story gone.

What he gained in wisdom. She lost in spirit.

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