Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Aham Bu

God Answers Prayers
In a name. Is a story. Is a people. Is a culture.
They took our land and our resources
But they did not take my name.
Beautiful Resistance of a Name.
Out of her womb came a name.
In a name. Is a story. Is a people. Is an experience.
My head covered in plasma was a prayer answered of Life.
My Dads’s Mother.
Read from Right to Left.
So many N’s you better remember it.
For it does not simply mean grandmother.
It means I am my grandmother.
Through me She lives.
With me . We remember.
Her life lives on. Generation after Generation
Oh. The Beautiful Resistance of a Name.
The intricacies of a renowned social order.
Where names tell stories.
Where names give purpose.
Where names give people value.
A child is priceless.
For a child carries the traditions and cultures of the family.
The blood and tears of the family.
The heartache. Like my ancestors did.
Through the struggle. Through the destruction of one’s idenity and culture.
A name remained.
A name gave hope.

I am the future. A prayer answered by Chi.

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