Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lets go

I want to go away with you
I know it sounds cliché
But cliché gives me hope
It helps me to dream
Because I know that somewhere underneath all this skin
These organs
These bones
There is hope.
Hope that lives in the soul
I know it sounds cliché
But when I met you I connected to your soul
I felt this Earth was too harsh to cold
For our love to grow
So at that pointed I wanted to go
I wanted to go somewhere far away
So that our love could grow
So I could feel the vibrations of your soul in the depths of my heart
Perhaps Mars with its burning fires
Third degree burns no wonder Im in so deep
So raw . This love
The momentum of Venus
She spins the opposite way of Earth
Because although this is cliché
And everyone must say
Their love is authentic and real and out of this world
Its opposite of everyone elses
I don’t blame them.
Because the eeriness I feel with you is not cordial.
It is not friendly
The strangeness of our connection doesn’t make me comfortable
It makes me wonder. It makes me think . It makes be question
How all this time I had not known something so vicious.
Something so pure.
How I had gone all this time and not understood
Until I met you.
This ongoing shock.
It excites me. It amazes me. It energizes me.
Like that vibration from your soul to the depth of my heart.
And now I want to go.
Far away with you.
And I just hope you come.
I hope everything I feel about you is everything you feel about me.
Perhaps more.

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