Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Clasp

And there it was.
My hand in yours.
But before that I noticed something.
I noticed that you had five squiggly lines that looked just like mine.
But mine all turned to the right of my palm. Towards my thumb.
And at that point I wondered what it meant.
Was it that we had come on two different but strikingly similar paths?
Did those paths meet when you clasped your hands into mine?
At that moment I wondered if soul mates were real
If there was a God and if she purposefully and intelligently made me for you.
The way my hand met yours.
Science could not explain the levels of radiation that filled my heart.
How it sunk and so many breaths were lost.
Electromagnetic spectrum.
Waves of energy. I was literally shocked.
A literal pause in time.
Figuratively in heaven.
A match made.
Or that’s how the allegory goes.
My thumb met your finger
Like the strongest creases on the human hand.
And there it was .
The simplicity of a clasp.
I needed to get a grip.
And suddenly my heart began to thump. I became unlocked. Open. Viable.
When joined my hand in yours. I literally stopped.
I could not.
The relaxing chill after an intense orgasm.
The resharpening and realignment of both my brain and vision.
And there you were. Your hand in mine.
I felt.
Something bigger than us. Driving me to you.
Like the lines on my hand that perfectly matched up with yours.

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