Friday, November 7, 2014

Are you there God ?

Are you there God ?
It's me Chichi
I was wondering if I could get a sign
A foundation of hope
My addiction to making things better
Mrs justice on coke
I am no longer sure love is the way
For your children are filled with grief and dismay
So much anger hate and I just wonder
Where is my sign ?
The sign things will get better
Where is my leap of faith
That all this talking learning working isn't in vein
I swear people are so evil
Swear they are so bad
And maybe I'm looking myself in the mirror
Maybe I'm coming to terms with myself
This idea of morality spoon fed
Making us think were better than we are
But when I read books
I listen to stories
I hear about experiences
All I see and hear is pain
Why so much pain ?
Why so much suffering ?
Why do some get so much and others so little ?
Are you there God ?
It's me Chichi
I need some answers .
Why are people so cruel
Why do people abuse their power
Why do people hurt
Is the "devil " that powerful ?
How does one find hope in a world so cold and dark
I don't know there is a such thing as eternal happiness
I don't know that things will ever get better
One solution . Five more problems .
Are you there God ?
It's me Chichi .
I just want to know how to be the light in a room full of darkness
Especially when many choose darkness instead of light

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