Monday, November 10, 2014


Sometimes I fear that I am too kind .
For when it comes to the world
My skin has not one crack
But my heart crumbles
Is it the humanity in me ?
That produces this compassionate
And kind behavior
Even when faced hurt
How then can I build the facade that
Keeps me sane
Up against the world
My outside reflection
And integrate it into my heart
I wish only for barbed wire
So I never have to feel
Love does that to ones soul
The chaotic eruption
Two loud words expressing the bursting of human emotion
But I have not yet felt that love
But I watch as people's hearts crumble
And I so badly want to lock my kindness and compassion inside
A locket with a key only I hold possession to
How brilliant it would be to unlock and lock
For more people would fall in love
a switch, a programmed amygdala
If vulnerability was something we could control
But I see too many hearts crumble
Crumbs don't afford the luxury of a puzzle
They are shattered unrecognizable pieces
Something of the past
Suppressed memories and emotions

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