Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Let Young People Fire It Up

If you see a young person who is energized and active, please do not shoot down their dreams. Please don't tell them to " calm down" . Please don't tell them to be diplomatic. Please don't blow out their flame. I understand as you get older you become desensitized and worn out. But please do not project this on young people. Please stop putting young people in a box. Please stop forcing young people to "grow up" and "face reality" aka give-up. Young people are the agents of change. Young people keep movement alive. Young people are refreshing. We need more energized young people in such a cold/hostile world. Young people are not blinded by reality, they just have a different lens than you.
The world can turn you cold, let the young people fire it up. Inspire the youth. They are the future.

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