Monday, January 5, 2015

He made it sound like so much

Its all she asked for
But he made it sound like so much
Incapable of loving her fully
Unable to trace the veins in which she regained life from
He couldn’t make sense of her yearning for love
He couldn’t make sense of the simplicity of her wants
The simplicity of her needs
He was so used to the complex and chaotic world
That the plain sight in front of him
Was overlooked or rather overcomplexed as difficult
If ever that was a world it would be the opposite of oversimplified
Some things are so simple
Some things are so plain
Some things are so easy
Yet we rather make them difficult and live in vein
But she didn’t blame him
Perhaps she should have
But she couldn’t
Because she used to be like him
Unable to love
Unable to see
Blinded by the cold world boxing her in
She was almost deceased
But he watered her seeds
He planted her soil
But she never grew,  she never blossomed
Because love takes two 
And everything she asked for
He made it sound like so much
Well maybe it would be the next one that would plant his seeds
Water his soil. 


  1. My goodness... This speaks to me so much. I actually wrote a short story about this after experiencing the situation you describe. Some things really should be kept easy and simple.

    1. Wow breathtaking! You are such a great writer sis!