Sunday, January 4, 2015

Optimistic Realist

I constantly struggle with her.
That young naïve girl so full of optimism
I read her old quotes
My finger tracing the words across the page
A moment of connection
Later turned into distance
Imbalance of keys from her to she
Because although she is full of optimism
It is a changed perception, her tune, her tone
The rhythm of her mind, the beat of her heart 
A renewed reality
What was is not what always is
Her naivety prevented her from seeing the realities of human beings
While she saw the bad, her sense of humanity was grounded in good.
She, however, understands the complexity of human nature
Or at least she has started the process of it
She no longer fears the unknowns or the lack of truth
Because she finds comfort in the uncomfortable
Because every time her comfort is extracted
Growth ensues. Growth trespasses on her brain
And so she can never stop the new process of becoming
Solace and peace she found in this transformation
The beauty of knowledge, she thought was that is was unending.
It never ceases to exist. It is never absolute.
Evolving, Growing Just like she is.

Beautiful young woman.  

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