Monday, June 15, 2015

People still don't care about Black women

The Afrolegalise : Nobody Cares about Black Women Except Black Women

As I read multiple articles /tweets/posts from my fellow Black women who have expressed outrage and pain regarding this Rachel incident . I am reminded about the little value if any placed on Black womanhood . I am reminded of how Black womanhood is always juxtaposed with White femininity . I am reminded of how Black women are deemed invisible . I am reminded that to be Black is to be male and to be woman is to be White .

I have watched how white femininity is deemed innocent and watched the lengths people will go to protect white womanhood . I have witnessed light skin privilege and tears to the max. I have watched the fragility of blackness play out and how those who have endured the suffering of Blackness have allowed a while woman to redefine their experiences . I have watched how people find joy in seeing Black women hurt .

I have watched people throw transgender people under the bus and use their oppression as a tool to perpetuate hate for Black women .

I am reminded that nobody cares about Black women but Black women and this past week couldn't have shown me any clearer.

The lengths that people will go to deny Black women their humanity is baffling . It's so entrenched in our society that I have seen my fellow Black women project their insecurities and hurt and look to Rachel to value their womanhood and blackness .

Too many this issue is trivial but the implications of their tomfoolery is astounding and hurtful .

For many of us all we have are our words . So we will continue to write our stories even though many see no value in it .