Monday, August 17, 2015

Childish imagination.

Daydreams about you make me hopeful
Kids have imaginary friends 
I see no wrong with my imagination for you
I imagine your brilliance matched with my wit
I imagine you be as confident as you are humble 
Unapologetically in love with me 
Connecting with me in ways we couldn't be alone 
Rare is it to find someone so fascinated with me as I am with myself
But that isn't it say I am not with Him 
Perfection is not what I'm Looking for 
Foundations help 
But a willingness to grow within and with me 
As I with you 
I often walk around smiling with thoughts of you on my mind
Everyday your bone structure transforms 
My own little creation 
In my head 
Because it's almost impossible for me to see such a being in a world so cold
A world that renders me invisible 
So I close my eyes and skip and there you are
But daydreams make you hopeful 
They give you joy 
So dream into existence I wait for you 
My heart is ready and my soul open 

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