Monday, August 17, 2015

F to be F

Freedom to be free
How does one quantify such an unknown place
How does one capsulate it into words 
At times I feel as though this place can only be experienced temporarily 
It worries me that we may never be there 
That it only exist in our head 
When asleep in our bed
But when outside our souls seem so dead 
So defeated 
Everywhere we are . Everywhere we go 
Suffering and smiling pretending to be free
Or maybe it requires an unlearning of its Latin prefix origins
A new creation . A new vision . A new freedom 
A new meaning with an old experience 
In our dance And song 
Through struggle through pain 
Little bits of joy 
A temporal place for. Temporal state of mind 
Sometimes I feel it sometimes I don't 
One day 
If this does not make sense 
It's because this thought process is complex and I am often lost
Living in a world if binaries my knowledge of freedom is limited
But one day . Perhaps the complexities will be embraced and it will exist 
But may be 

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