Friday, August 28, 2015


They asked her, How were you able to get over him?
How were you able to pull yourself together?
Perception will have us fooled.
Smiles and laughter are read as positive.
Laugh through your pain.
Smile and everything will fall into place.
Positive thinking. Positive living.
Positivity has limits.
Artificial happiness. She could no longer subscribe to it.
How does one become joyful in the midst of pain?
What is unusual about pain?
If someone pinches you, do you not feel?
How did you pull yourself together?
How did you get over it?
She simply allowed herself to be.
If there were a quick recipe. How quick we would fall in and out of love.
But we are humans
We feel.
Allow yourself to feel.
Allow yourself to be.
Be strong for no one.
Be vulnerable for you.
Perception will have us fooled.
We long for smiles.
Artificial happiness

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