Friday, October 2, 2015


Why do they run from me?
Was it the wrinkles on my face from my big smile?
Pinks gums frightening anyone who walks by?
Gun shot through my heart when you left
I never got to say goodbye
So goodbye
You taught me nothing
everything I needed to know
About me
Impatiently waiting
For your return or so I convince myself
Reminiscing about the moments we never had
Because somehow I always expect more than whats given
Caught up in what I want you to be for me
That I never saw you run away
Dashing through the spaces of my fingers
You did not merely slip
You jetted
And because this happens so often I wonder
Is it me?
What is it on me or about me that made you run before I ever got to say
So goodbye
You taught me nothing
Everything I need to know

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