Friday, October 2, 2015

Hopeless Romantic

To be a hopeless romantic
I want your love
I need your love
So in love in the romance of it
Hopelessly wanting what
I Cannot Have
Hopelessly putting pieces that
Were Never There
How naive
Yet how bliss
Hopelessly living in a world where compatibility
Is slim
Is rare
for me at least 
Hopelessly hiding from the emptiness that fills me
As I find ways to keep my mind busy
On you
You who does not exist
Like this poem I type
Hopelessly believing in the power of words
Speak you to existence I say
But i wake up the next day
and still I turn next to me only to see
Emptiness that fills the bedside where the sun rays
Alas, I wake up to light in my eyes
To be a Hopeless romantic

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