Monday, October 12, 2015

Introduction: What Does Black Feminism Mean to Me?

Im so excited! I just started a vlog and cannot wait to upload more content. I will try to do a weekly video and I hope you all tune in !

Welcome to my new Youtube Channel, The Afrolegalise. This channel is dedicated to all things Black women. I will discuss Black Feminist Theory and everyday topics that are informed by Black Feminism . But since I don't like boxes, I may go outside this content and talk about something a little bit more sexy =p. 

This video discusses what Black Feminism means to me. To me, Black Feminism is the radical idea that Black women are autonomous human beings capable of making decisions for themselves and about themselves. Black feminism is all an inclusive theory for all Black women. Black feminism is the little bits of joy I have when I talk about my experience and it resonates with other Black women. 

It is extremely healing to speak about your experience and have other people affirm that you are not alone, so I hope this platform will serve as a source of healing, education, entertainment, and anything you want to make it. 

Thank you for tuning in. Feel free to leave topic suggestions or any feedback that you feel will make this channel more resourceful. 

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