Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Women are Catty

Often times people use gendered terms like "catty" and "bitchy" or complain that women don't get along . This brief video explores how these terms are sexist and not equally applied to men. It also highlights how this belief that "women should get along" is both dehumanizing and nonsensical.

Also, I will have another video addressing how competitiveness amongst women is seen as " catty" or "unladylike", whereas competitiveness amongst men is encouraged. I will also discuss how society pits women against each other another and perpetuates this idea of "cattiness" which women then internalize. Feminism is seen as a " threat" is because society and status quo because it destroys the idea that women are catty and don't get along. To keep women in their place, society, men, and women have to perpetuate this myth which women begin to internalize.

Let me know your thoughts.

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