Saturday, November 7, 2015

Suffering and Serving

Lord, give me the strength to feed my kids.
My God, please never forsake my children.
Lord, let me not be bitter or angry towards my husband.
My God, please let my husband never leave me astray.
Lord, give my husband the strength to love me through thick and thin.
My God, please do not allow my children to go astray.

Blessed is the mother who gives her husband an abundance of children.
Blessed are the children of a self-sacrificing mother.
Blessed is she who puts all above her own.
Blessed is the overworked mother who never breaks.
For she who breaks is broken.
Blessed is she who never breaks.
Blessed is she who suffers in silence.

Virtuous women.
Who can find a virtuous woman?
Surely, those who she serves.

"Strong and resilient."
Suffering and serving.
Mother and Wife.

I long for the day she sees in her the humanity and god in She.
Woman and Human being.

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