Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nwa Baby

As a mother, you are no longer a woman.
If ever you were a human being.  
You are no longer a human being.
If ever you had a choice.
You no longer have a choice.
If ever you enjoyed life.
You are no longer entitled to enjoy life.
Babies Sucking Breasts
Until you are out of breath
No longer able to live your life
Slow death diagnosed with burden, stress, shame, guilt, and
The World.

They said.
Stay in . Take care of your children.
If ever you put yourself first
If ever you take care of yourself
You are bad
Bad mother
Terrible Mother
Careless Mother
Reckless Mother
Dead beat Mother 
Heartless Mother 
Selfish Mother 
Evil Mother
Don’t you see?
When you become a mother, your burden becomes even greater.
You are no longer a woman.
You are no longer a human being with desires.
No more wants.

But as a father.
You are now the man.

We are so proud of you. 
All 30 seconds of it. 
All that hard work. 
You can do as you please.
Just be home when I wake up. 

The afrolegalise

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