Monday, November 16, 2015

Paul and Rose

Paul and Rose
Maybe no one ever told you two

But you are perfect to me
Rose’s passion
Paul’s insight

The thinkers
The engineers

My engineers
Everything I am is you and more
Thank you

Mbadiwe and Nnennaya

As you get older

You begin to realize the burdens
To parent
Because as they told me

They told you

Put your kids first

Forget about yourselves
Do everything for you kids
So that they may be better
And so you did

And so we were
I hope you don’t resent the freedom you allowed me to have

The freedoms that you only dreamt of
But what does it mean to be free
To be an immigrant couple

With a house full of children
In a community full of trauma
Sometimes your children is your only dosage of freedom
SO sometimes I get why you put so much energy and making me the best version of you

And more
I say and more because I have picked the best parts

Of You two to recreate my own version of me
Thank you

Paul’s introversion
Rose’s empathy

Rose’s I am not yelling

I am raising my voice
My need to be heard like her
And my prudence like Paul

My engineers


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