Thursday, March 24, 2016

My savior divine

Black girlfriends 
Black girls 
Black mothers 
Black sisters 
Aunts grandmothers daughters friends lovers
Between the sheets 
Hand in hand cuffed 
Smiles exchanged from across the way 
Fingers massaged in my scalp as I get ready for my new hairstyle 
Tension reduced . Mind clear 
Waking up from a memorable night that I can barely remember with you
You Save lives 
Every Time you(I) feel yourself going down under
You give life
Miles away generations apart 
Never met . Visit frequently . Saw you once
Connected through oppressive experiences 
Dead alive presently here 
Falling failing failure 
Sometimes I don't know you personally 
Highly correlated and relevant to me. I get you 
I know you I see you and you save lives 
My savior divine. 


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