Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spinal Shock

I imagine that being in your arms
will release all of the stresses I have had up until this point
in my life
your jaw line will break open my heart
and allow me to feel the kinky coils along your cheeks
bearded jawn 
I have been waiting for this moment
where your bottom lip encapsulates my tongue 
I am at a loss for words
suddenly i can’t breath and i begin to believe in god again
she has been testing me 
and i failed all those times so i could one day meet you and believe in her again 
I am stung my the freshness of your saliva
as you sprinkle your kisses along my neck 
butterflies take me on a high 
we call this strain cocoon. that new shit
you are the one i have been waiting for 
your eyes staring into the depths of my soul
you see right through my pain and my misery
you see me as a happy joyful person full of life
i existed before you but i know we are here to create something special
i feel you with every thing i have
every touch shocks my spinal plates
one by one 
god i am in love

i believe in you again 

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