Sunday, April 24, 2016


I AM TWENTY-FIVE YALL!  Lol I am so young but feeling so great about life right now. In a month, I will be graduating with my JD/MBA and embarking on a new journey of being me. The last four years of school has been isolating and exhausting. As a dreamer and someone who works to make the world a better more free place, law school stunts your dreams. So many students in law school are Type-A and are accustomed to the world being one way. I felt like I could never be my full person in the classroom or on campus.

As I walked to pick graduation seats, I realized I did not make many strong connections in the last four years and that I would instead be sitting alone. But I realize that has more to do with the law school culture, and less to do with me as a person. While I am an introvert, I can be outgoing . One of my strongest personality traits is navigating through different circles and making connections with different types of people. In law school, the material I learned was not intellectually challenging.  I never left the classroom feeling as though I could use this knowledge to foster change and inspire others. I rarely left the classroom feeling inspired or rejuvenated. As someone who loves to learn, law school was generally disappointed. Of course, the courses were difficult with large quantities of information. But law school is about "doing it the way it has always been done". I am definitely not my degrees. I cannot imagine being defined with the narrow world of the legal or business field.

Maybe I am jaded by the fact that I was the only Black girl in the majority of the classes. Maybe I am jaded that I became the poster/token girl for diversity even while my concerns were consistently shut down. Law school has been difficult mentally and emotionally. I have grown as a person and grown into the woman I want to be.

During my second year, I decided to fully turn on my social justice advocacy and be unapologetically Black to EVERYONE at school and in my workplaces. I learned about the types of environment I thrive in and the types of people who inspire me to stay focused and continue.

I will be moving to D.C. in August to work in reproductive justice and I cannot wait! See my youtube video on my pro-abortion stance:

Blah Blah Blah.

Back to my birthday! It was lit! And here are some pictures to PROVE it.

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