Tuesday, May 31, 2016


And the story goes like this.
Change takes time.
You cannot change things over night .
Indeed change takes time for those who do not matter
Just yesterday your congressman met with his friends and signed into law
Something that has to do with adding six weeks to their recess
As they live off of our taxpayers
Laughing at the stupidity that is human kind
Powerful men with fragile egos and big mouths
Glasses of the latest champagne
Lets toast to the continued exploitation of the masses and the
Illusion of change
For the rich man will never give up his riches
And the rich woman will never give up her rich man
Yet here you keep telling me that I should shrink
Annunciate my words. Speak more calmer
Be less angry. Halt my emotions
While the world is changing and
My people keep ending up 180 degrees
Back where we started
Keep calm. Good things come to those who wait
And so I wait
As the powerful men with fragile egos and big mouths
Suck the juices from the fresh unpolluted oysters
Swallowing the French snails that wouldn’t last a day
In the Nigerian heat
They laugh . they laugh. They laugh. the world's greatest changemakers
As you tell me to be more gentle. Less truthful. More compromising.

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