Friday, May 20, 2016

Graduation 2016

I really can't pinpoint when I knew I wanted to be a lawyer . I do know that I grew up always asking the question "why". When I was in elementary , I created a petition to have girls sports teams. When I was in middle school , I petitioned to play on the all boys flag football team because I loved sports and I knew I was just as good if not better than the boys on the team . During this time I was called anywhere from a dike to a man because I dared to be different . Although my politics have progressed , I have always been committed to change and doing what I perceived to do the right thing . Unfortunately due to the poor American educational system , it is not until
college where young people get to explore different topics , engage in critical analysis , be exposed to different types of people , and live a life free of judgment . College for many young people , particularly young Nigerians is freedom . Unfortunately , majority of Americans will never go to college or graduate from high school ; so we are left with a repressed people who regurgitate everything they were taught through the media , at home , and in schools . So it is a extreme privilege that I have to be receiving a JURIS doctorate and MBA . Throughout college and high school  , I was very involved in the black community and was black student union president . I always had a sense of my black identity so I am always taken aback when people say I have changed . I have always been committed to my community and sought out creative ways to effect change.  So naturally , I thought law school was the best route . I went to law school very optimistic and very naive of the real structural problems that lawyers and the laws protect and create . These last four years have been very difficult . I have never felt so isolated and so cynical about the world in my life . But after my first year of lad school , I committed myself to unlearning and to constantly questioning things and make those within the dominant structure uncomfortable . So yes I've ruffled many feathers and I am completely unapologetic about it . I also embrace the uncertainty about the world and human kind because I know that what may be true today may not be true tomorrow . I know that we are always changing and so I must embrace the changing world . I also know that there are structured in place that need disruption. I am not my degrees . In fact , the places I found I made the most impact was outside my academic setting. But I am committed to using my academic degrees as tools not as an identity marker. I think law school is a terrible racist institution so I would never let it define me . What does define me is my undying love for my community and my unwavering commitment to justice and change . So thank you to everyone who had helped me and supported me during this journey . I couldn't do it without you . I will be moving to DC in August to work in reproductive Justice . I am excited for my future and what is in store , it will definitely be an uphill battle !! 

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