Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Too Much Woman.

I would never tell a man what I am about to tell you
But my dear,
You must be more compromising
I hate that sharp mouth and the forceful confidence
In which you use to speak what we all know to be true
You must be less honest
You must be less intimidating
Because the people who are set on not liking you
Will never like you
I promise you , a woman does not make change by standing up for what is right
She makes change by sitting in silence
Using her smile and the twinkle of her eye to tell the man
What he must do in order to make her life more easier
Because everything is a lot more palatable when it comes from a man
Didn’t you know?
Men can be arrogant, intelligent, charming assholes
And people will lie down at his feet
Waiting for him to raise it above the arch of his buttocks
The perfect angle for the world to continue washing and kissing his feet
As the smell the beautiful scent of his anus
Because everything
And I mean everything is more pleasant when it is from a man
My dear,
Be more like a man
No wait women can never do that of which a man can do.
You are a woman.
Be a woman.
Yes yes.
Be a woman
Woman are gods gift to earth
This is why we silence and exploit them.
Stop writing right now.
Its too much. Stop.

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