Thursday, August 4, 2016

My hope

Note: Black women (women in general) also internalize sexism and uphold patriarchal ideas (partly because of survival and the benefits with doing so). Oppression is very much psychological and it is very difficult to affirm oneself when society consistently devalues you or rewards you for upholding status quo.

Understanding that sexism is deeply entrenched in our society and understanding that sexism is the norm, it is very difficult to find the space to unlearn and not feel isolated or ostracized. To be aware of the degradation of women, particularly black women, is a tough pill to swallow. So i understand why many women feel comfortable in reaffirming status quo; does not mean I support it or agree with it. It does not mean these ideals are not harmful for women because they are.

It just makes me sad. Especially as someone who is constantly unlearning patriarchy while still having to navigate and survive in a patriarchal society, it makes me sad. It makes me sad to see women all over the world continuously expend emotional labor convincing the world of their humanity. It makes me sad to continuously see women defend, protect, affirm, and provide for others before themselves.

But my hope is that more and more women realize the ways in which patriarchy restricts our ability to live and how much patriarchy kills us everyday all around the world. My hope is that more women find solace in other women and to not attach their worth to that of a man or that of what society prescribes to them. My hope is that women begin to be more selfish and more preserving of their energy and value. My hope is that more women become more and more self-sufficient and more confident in their abilities. My hope is that more women recognize their humanity and can recognize the humanity of other women.

My hope is that we can live a freer life than our mothers, and their mothers, and their mothers. My hope is that more of us are able to conceptualize and embody freedom.

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