Thursday, December 7, 2017


It is the absence of demonstration that you find yourself creating stories , fantasies , folklores and myths

Trying to make sense of this deep seated loneliness that appears in your most brightest peaks

It is because you have been deprived so long of what it means to feel whole , independent , and secure in yourself. 
Your wants and your desires .

You begin to dream . Falling into illusions of narrow displays of affection . Soon it becomes delusion . You become delusional because the world denied you of the external fabric needed to support your internal love and self .

I ask that you forgive yourself for this longing . I ask that you acknowledge your holes . And recognize your pitfalls . And recognize all of the emotions you are having to build from scratch 20 years into a life of shallow fantasies .

Be loving and generous to yourself . To create something new is no easy task . It is not a rushed process . Take time with yourself and forgive yourself often .

I cannot promise you that you won’t again fall into the illusion of loneliness and inadequacy that often leads to desperation and toxicity . I can promise you that while sometimes it feels worse , it gets better the moment you understand that you are worthy and deserving . 

Even when you are not whole . 
Even when you are still figuring shit out . 
Even when you are a mess . 
Even when you find yourself entrapped in the coldness of a stranger who could never be for you what you are for yourself .

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